Shoe Covers - These Are Pretty Good

Don't worry, this blog isn't suddenly going to fill up with thinly disguised adverts for Pearl Izumi.

But these Pearl Izumi shoe covers are pretty good.  Why?  Four things stand out.

1. I like the colour which I think is safer than the more standard black.

I've driven past cyclists using fluro shoe covers and my eyes are caught early by the up-and-down movement of pedalling.

Cycleways - How To Waste Money and Annoy Lots of People

Should you build if you can't afford to maintain?
It's very simple.  Build a cycleway then fail to maintain it, clean it or keep it free of parked vehicles.

Some cycleways around here are so covered in rocks (spat out by vehicle tyres), leaves and thorns (from overhanging trees) and floodwater (from blocked drains) that it's actually safer to ride on the road.

This annoys the cyclists, who know there's a perfectly good cycleway nearby.  It annoys the drivers who don't understand why the cyclists are not using the perfectly good cycleway.  And it annoys everyone because of the waste of money.

Should Local Authorities build cycleways if they can't keep their existing ones in decent condition?

Join Us On Our Next Charity Swim?

Forty six swimmers turned out yesterday for the first of the Highland Open Water Swims.  So far we've all raised more than £1400 for the Children with Cancer Charity.  So that's all good then.

The next swim is in fact a whole wheeled of swimming.  The main swim on Saturday 22nd April when we'll swim 1.4km across Loch Sunart to the Resipole Campsite.  Swimmers will be ferried across to the start point by safety RIB.

Pearl Izumi Champion, Induction Day - Video

Marketing people, who're trying to reach a specific demographic, have made use of social media intermediaries for several years.

You want to launch a new mascara? You get one of those make-up Vloggers, with gazillions of followers, to talk about it on their YouTube channel.

Imagine that but substitute cycling kit for mascara and you're close to what Pearl Izumi are attempting with their 'Champion' programme.

Close, but not quite there.

Ten Best Open Water Swim Events in Scotland

Apologies if readers of the Sunday Mail were put off their breakfast last weekend by my ugly mug gurning out of Loch Sunart.

But a huge thank you to FionaOutdoors for including two of our three charity swims.  You can download the full article from her website.

The first of these across the Corran Narrows takes place next weekend on 19th March.  Full details at Highland Open Water Swim.

Pearl Izumi Champion Team Member

Last year I applied for, and was accepted into, the Pearl Izumi Champion Team for 2017.

It's reportedly an ambassadorial programme in which a team of cyclists of diverse ability are invited to represent the brand and in return are given a small about of limited edition kit.

It's not a sponsorship deal like a winning racer might attract.  The common link between the fifty or so chosen is that they're active on social media.  You can find us by looking for the #PIChampion hashtag.

The Colorado based business has previously run similar programmes in the USA.

Perfect Easy Healthy American Style Pancake Recipe

Seriously - anyone can make this.

If you don't have all the ingredients this shrove Tuesday, it doesn't matter.  Bookmark the recipe and make it another day for brunch.

Trust me - it's wonderful.

It's not my own recipe.  I tweaked one by the excellent Kelli Jennings of Apex Nutrition - you can find the original here.

We like these after open water swimming in the loch, because they're a fast, filling, warming treat, with whole food carbs and protein.

The tools you'll need are a frying pan (or ideally a flat skillet) and either a hand-blender or (if you don't mind the washing up) a full-on machine blender.  Actually, you could probably do this in a Nutri-bullet.  Hmm - I'll have to try that.