Sunart Swim & Kayak

We had a safe and successful weekend of open water swimming based at Resole Campsite on Loch Sunart, raising money for the Children with Cancer charity.  It was the second event this year organised by (the first was Corran) and 35 swimmers took part.  They were ferried by RIB across the loch to swim back to the campsite.

The swims are building to the main challenge, swimming across the busy shipping lane that is the Sound of Mull on 6th May.  That's just 2 weeks away.  I'm responsible for finding the kayakers, so fingers crossed everyone turns up.  Any kayaker reading this who'd like to take part, please get in touch - I can promise you a great day and your help will be invaluable.

There are a few photos in this slideshow but you can find more on Flickr

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Two Slow Release Energy Drinks - Any Good?

Over recent months I've been trying two energy drinks which claim to be different from most out there.

Specifically, these aim to deliver energy more slowly than the typical sugar drinks.  

Why would you want that?  Partly it's to see whether they could compliment regular nutrition during a race, where you're frequently burning more carbohydrate (from sugar) than you're able to take in.

Also it's to help on fasted and low-carb training runs and rides, designed to encourage fat metabolism. This fat-burning isn't to loose weight (although it helps) but to encourage the body to turn to the plentiful layer of fat already carried and use it as a source of fuel.

Review - Pearl Izumi WxB Rain Jacket, Cut For Cycling

I wrote about this Pearl Izumi jacket last year.

Having ridden and run in it for a few winter months I now feel I can add to my original thoughts.

Oh, and since I'm part of the Pearl Izumi Champion team you need to know that I paid full price for this piece of kit, which I bought online from a regular retailer.  In no way do I feel obliged to say nice things about it.

The Elite WxB is a damn good training jacket suitable for all weather, but not for everyone.

Here's why.

Openwater Swim Weekend for Charity

Our next charity open water swim is in two weekends and it will be a whole weekend.  The main swim  on Saturday is Loch Sunart for which you'll be ferried across the loch by RIB from Resipole Campsite and you'll swim 1.4km back.  If there's enough interest we'll run a second, informal swim about 14:30 also on Loch Sunart, although there will be no safety cover for this.

Sunday 23rd sees the 'family friendly swim' in the sheltered water of Loch Moidart at Castle Tioram near Acharacle.  It will be low water, so there will be easy swimming for all abilities in the bay, while more adventurous swimmers can tackle the 1 mile circumnavigation of Riska Island.

They're free to join, but we ask you to make a donation to the Children with Cancer charity through our website.  You will need to register and sign the online waiver form there too.  Even if you've already registered and donated, please sign the online waiver to speed things up on Saturday.

When An Energy Bar Is Not A Bar

There are so many energy products out there it's refreshing when a business produces something truly different.

Secret Training has done just that, not once, but with several different products.

I'll take a look at some of these in future posts which you can find using the #SecretTraining label.

Meet A Champion. Not a Chump.

A couple of posts ago I explained why I was happy to sign up with Pearl Izumi for their PI Champions promotion.  Crucially, it was not just a device to sell more product.

I was convinced by the diversity of people involved, the 'champions' they had chosen.  It was not just top-end cyclists (plus me!).

It was a genuine drive to use social media to encourage more people to get active.

Each of these 'champions' has a story to tell, and I said at the time I'd point you towards some of them.  So here's the first.

Meet Stephen Morrison, a guy from Glasgow who is on a journey from Fatman to Ironman.  Here's his take on the whole Pearl Izumi thing - oh and he writes very well.  You're gonna want to follow his blog.